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Cerritos Performing Arts CenterThe image below a 900 lb. 16' high Meyer Sound line-array speaker traveling through a pedal in the canopy at Mt. Royal University Bella Concert Hall.Coordination



Our experience coordinating projects for the past twenty years has directed us to develop a set of drawings specifically for the design team.


MMC uses Autodesk Autocad and Revit to locate every AV device touching the building.

Coordination Drawings AVC

- Power loads and outlet type and locations.

- Mechanical heat loads by area.

- Structural static loads by device.

- Data outlets and fiber drops.

- Architectural coordination for every visible device.


MMC uses the latest communication technology to coordinate projects. – We use GoToMeeting, MS Teams, Bluebeam Studio and in person meetings to coordinate with the design team.

Performing Arts

In today's world, the performing arts are more important than ever.  Perfornming arts brings families and individuals together in a shared expierence.

We're proud to offer properties genuine consulting. 

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