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Founding Principal Rick Wells has personally tuned hundreds of sound systems in real world conditions.  We use a two-channel transfer function FFT analyzer to measure the electro-acoustic characteristics of the loudspeaker systems in time/energy.  This method isolates the loudspeakers from random room reflections.  Our method provides a more accurate measurement in comparison to the old RTA method used my most amateurs.  We account for the inescapable off axis loudspeaker characteristics, inherent to every loudspeaker system, by positioning four measurement microphones, on and off axis, near and far simultaneously measuring the loudspeakers’ frequency response.  When your tuning is complete, your sound system will be flat within the specified frequency range, +/- 3db for music store grade speakers and +/- 1.5 dB for professional loudspeaker systems.

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  • Loudspeaker tuning, crossover adjustment, subwoofer timing, subwoofer pattern control. 
  • Cinema THX specification modified X-Curve tuning and configuring.
  • Complete ‘B-Chain’ (DSP to loudspeakers) configuration for more complicated systems.
  • Delay measurements for room combining and delay speakers. 
  • Problem system tunings.


MMC provides tuning services to owners, manufacturers, AV contractors, integrators and consultant competators. 

Our rates are:

  • Contractor/Owner - $175/HR site time + $75/HR travel time + travel expenses.
  • AV Consulant - $500/HR site time + $260/HR travel time + travel expenses to consultants.


Before and After

BeforeAfterOno Sokki

Real World System Tuning Measurements

Calvary Church Westlake Village

L-Acoustics Kiva IICalgary Westlake

Calvery Church Westlake Village - L'Acoustics 4 box array Kiva II - Before 

L-Acoustics Kiva II

- after    

L-Acoustics Kiva II